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Adidas Superstar Classic

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Adidas 'Superstar' sneakers med snørebånd, overdel i læder, foring i syntetisk læder og gummisål. Signatur shell-toe finish. Ikonisk hældetalje og tre striber motiv på begge sider. Perforering på siderne. Superstar guldlogo på siden. Mærkets logo på tunge og hæl. Rund tå.

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The story

We began as an one man company in 2021 with this logo on the right. The guy who started it all at the age of 16 with help from his family Lups Limited Co. was created. The name chosen came from his brother, the idea behind it was to make it his own and he shortened his long name into L.U.P.S. to represent his name.